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2014 was a bit of a bumper year for me professionally and personally, and I delivered quite a few rather audacious talks at different meetups and some conferences.

I’d like to thank in particular Shirley Tricker, Rochelle Ivanson, Nat Torkington and Katrina Clokie, amongst others for being excellent meetup and conference organisers who provided the spaces in which I talked, grew and shared knowledge in 2014.

“Roll Forward to Victory” at WeTest Workshops

WeTest Workshops is a peer conference about software testing held in Wellington. The conference is designed to feature local testers delivering sessions and 2014 was the second year it ran; I submitted a proposal for a talk and was accepted.

I talked about continuous delivery and how working in that software lifecycle drives testing. Touched on what blameless postmortems look like, how release management becomes part of testing and had a lively discussion about “regression testing” and how that looks very different in continuous delivery.

Sessions at Devmob

Devmob is an annual barcamp about Mobile Development hosted in different cities around New Zealand. In 2014, it was held in Wellington in late November.

A barcamp means that the schedule of the conference is set on the days by attendees who step up and host sessions about something they’re experienced, or passionate about. I take to barcamps and unconferences like it’s catnip, so by the end of the weekend I’d hosted three sessions


“Imposter Syndrome and Anxiety in the Workplace” at Gather

Gather is an annual event of an unconference in Auckland, usually held in the middle of the July school holidays.

I’ve been going for several years, and usually put one or two topics on the schedule. This year, I felt safe and capable enough to host a discussion about mental health. After I set up some ground rules, introducing some ideas and language to use in discussing mental health, I stepped back from talking and facilitated a conversation amongst a room of people.

“Getting Started with Test Automation” at Auckland Continuous Delivery

After attending a session by Vend at the Continuous Delivery Meetup about how they do Continuous Delivery, where a common refrain through the questions at the end was “But, how do you get started?”, I thought I had a reasonable story around how to get started with test automation. This talk was mostly live coding in Ruby, demonstrating a workflow and structure of automation code that is easy to start with, and to continue working with.